Koh Samui Mini Travel Guide

Koh Samui Travel Guide - Lamai Beach

Ultra rich holidaymakers or budget-lead tourists come to Koh Samui to enjoy its beauty and its attractions. Many people travel to this idyllic location to use it as a base for a month or two so that they can really explore the area and its surroundings, and many holiday here and stay in the resort to visit attractions with a partner or family. There are exquisite shopping opportunities along with the fine dining that you would expect from a leading Thai holiday destination.

There really is something for sole travellers, adrenalin junkies, families and explorers here and with fine dining at many restaurants, it’s also a romantic location to holiday. As well as the superb beaches being one of the leading reasons to rent a villa or holiday home in Koh Samui, there really is so much more on this stunning island than just sunbathing and water based sports.

Average Conditions in Koh Samui

With Koh Samui making up the archipelago of 80 islands in its region, this Asian resort has a great hot and dry season that holidaymakers usually like to travel across to the resort to enjoy. This season usually occurs in February to June. The rest of the year, it can rain heavily and it can be very windy, perhaps ideal for surfers and those that enjoy warm but breezy weather. September through October does attract those that prefer a milder weather and this is when you can expect fewer bikini clad crowds than in the rest of the year.

Holiday Rentals in Koh Samui

Koh Samui is perhaps not a base for those wanting budget or low cost holidays. The area used to boast smaller condo’s and villas on the seafront yet today there are more mid to high end rental apartments, hotels and larger homes that attract those able to afford it. That’s not to say every accommodation is high cost, yet its upmarket attraction brings the crowds. The accommodation available is variable, with superb holiday lets and long-term property rentals being the most attractive in the Asiatic region – perhaps because of the beauty of the location. With exclusive shopping, a vibrant nightlife and excellent mid to top-end Samui holiday rentals the area attracts many Westerners and for that reason there are many city or town style bars, restaurants and fast food places that anyone in the UK would recognise here.

That aside, the properties here are superb, usually very well equipped, air conditioned and perfectly located for the views and the waterside attractions that many holidaymakers adore. Many people visit here for a few weeks and end up staying in Koh Samui for months at a time because its relaxed appeal during the day and its buzzing nightlife are not to be missed.

Lush gardens, superior private garden pools, private terraces and wonderfully built properties are what bring many here that have the budget to match – and who want the busy city-like life. Home comforts are easy to find here, such as American and UK music channels, films and more, yet just step outside of your villa or holiday rental property and you will find more is to be discovered.

Attractions in Koh Samui

Crowded beaches that are not only beautifully white and coated in soft white sand, there are beautiful places at which to dine at, to see, and to do on the island of Koh Samui. Laying on the beach isn’t just only reason to see the island. This is a small island; in fact it’s the third largest in Thailand. There’s the large Buddha that can be seen from the airport and you can go up into the Buddha to see the finest views of the area. Namuang 1 and 2 waterfalls are truly stunning too.

There are also many boating excursions to get involved in, be it sea fishing, scuba diving, snorkelling in the clear seas or visiting the other islands in the area. Koh Samui is a stunning place, yet it attracts many people here that bring noise, hippy style entertainment, and the hustle that many travellers crave. You will find regular parties and of course there are plenty of bars here too.

Warm / Rainy Seasons in Koh Samui

Whatever season you visit Koh Samui you will find that holiday prices will soar during the months of December to June. Many visit during these times and the warm and very dry season, which many holidaymakers find extremely hot, is February to late June. Prior to this time, the area can be very breezy. The rain usually arrives in Samui between October and November, though like many regions in the world this is slowly changing and becoming later and for shorter periods of time.

Whatever season you choose to visit Koh Samui, you are sure to have a wonderful holiday, with the warm greetings of the Thai people.

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